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NLD Consulting – Reserve Fund Advisors, is a qualified reserve fund study provider serving the City of Winnipeg and surrounding communities.

More specifically, we provide reserve fund studies to the Winnipeg neighbourhood communities of Charleswood, Fort Garry, North Kildonan, East Kildonan, West Kildonan, Old Kildonan, Tuxedo, St. Vital, Transcona, St. Boniface, and St. James – Assiniboine.

With one of Canada’s largest teams of CRP (Certified Reserve Planner) and AACI (Accredited Appraiser of the Canadian Institute) designated and qualified reserve fund study specialists, our firm is ready and able to provide detailed and timely reserve fund studies as legislated for Manitoba condominium corporations. We have completed hundreds of reserve studies on a wide spectrum of residential and commercial/industrial developments, including high-rise and low rise projects, townhouse developments, phased condo corporations, and sectioned condo corporations.

NLD Consulting Company Overview

As new Manitoba legislation related to reserve fund studies has recently been brought into force on February 1, 2015, condominium corporations and managers will need qualified reserve fund study professionals that they can rely on and trust to meet the needs of their corporation, and to meet the legislated requirements.

Let us help you, your condominium board, and the condominium owners understand the process of undertaking a reserve fund study, the benefits of a well-planned out and funded reserve fund, and the risks associated with an inadequate reserve fund plan.

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