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Typical Required Documents Checklist:

The following list includes the types of documents which may be required in the preparation of your Reserve Fund Study. Most Condominium Corporations will not have a document list this extensive. Additionally, often documents of a historic nature may be incomplete. However, this list is a good example of the breadth of documentation a qualified consultant may require in the preparation of your report, and may be a useful checklist for your inventory of condominium documentation.

Typical Documents & Records:

Condominium Financials (preferably 3 years or more)

  • Condo Operating Budget including Reserve Fund (RF) Contributions;
  • Balance Sheet with RF year end balances;
  • General Ledger(s);
  • Invoices and/or quotations related to reserve component expenditures;
  • Other documents of a financial nature.

Condominium Governing Documents

  • Condominium Declaration / Plan, including any amendments if applicable;
  • Registered Condominium Bylaws, including any amendments if applicable;
  • Air Parcel Agreements, reciprocal agreements/easements;
  • Agreements for 3rd party use and access to condominium property;
  • Parking Agreements;
  • Any additional bylaws or documentation related to responsibility for long term repair and maintenance of the condominium property.

Building Plans & Drawings

  • Architectural Plans;
  • Structural Plans;
  • Mechanical Plans;
  • Electrical Plans;
  • Fire Protection & Sprinkler Plans;
  • Landscape Plans;
  • Roofing Plans;
  • Any other plans and/or drawings which describe the condominium property.

Other Professional Reports & Inspections

  • Prior Reserve Fund Studies(s), if applicable;
  • Insurance Appraisal(s);
  • Engineer’s Report(s)/Envelope Studies;
  • Elevator Report(s);
  • Other reports of a professional nature affecting the condominium corporation.

Other Documentation

  • Maintenance Logs;
  • Operating Manuals;
  • Maintenance Agreements;
  • Inspection Reports/Tags;
  • Leased equipment;
  • Other documentation related to the long term maintenance and repairs of the condominium property.

Upon preparation of your Reserve Fund Study, any valuable documents (such as building plans), which have been scanned will be provided electronically to the condo corporation at no additional charge.

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