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Our Service Timelines & Fees:

We will commence your Reserve Fund Study immediately upon approval to proceed. The timeline for completion of the Reserve Fund Study can range from two weeks to two months or more, depending on the complexity of the corporation and the timeliness of receipt of necessary documents. We will work cooperatively with your board and management to ensure the report is prepared in a timely manner.

The best way to move the process forward efficiently is to begin gathering the necessary documents for the Reserve Fund Study as soon as your condo has made a commitment to have a report prepared (even before you may have selected your consultant). A typical required documents checklist may be found HERE.

NLD Service StandardsOur fee for our reserve fund study services is based primarily on 2 factors, the complexity/size of the condo development, and the number of reserve components applicable. The time required to prepare your report is closely associated with these 2 factors. A further consideration relates to the age of your condo, which may affect the likelihood of availability of supporting documents such as the building plans/drawings. Based upon our experience and specialization in conducting these reports over the past several years, our firm is able to offer an exceptional value to your condominium corporation in providing these services. Additionally, our fees include all travel costs.

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