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Why choose an NLD Consulting Reserve Fund Study?

✓ Our Detailed Component Analysis & Recommendations

Our reserve component analysis exceeds the requirements of the Manitoba Condominium Act Regulations, and includes a component description, a condition analysis, the reserve history, a life cycle analysis, a discussion of potential deterioration, a funding analysis, and suggested maintenance to keep your condo functioning at an optimal level. This will save your condo corporation money over the long term.

✓ Our Industry Leading Financial Analysis

In addition to providing the calculations to determine the legislated “ideal balance” for the reserve fund for each year of your study, NLD Consulting uses cutting edge algorithms in our financial analysis and funding models to express our opinion of the adequacy of the current rate of reserve funding. We prepare your funding models with consideration for the true “time value” of money, including a “real dollar/constant dollar” analysis rather than only a “nominal dollar” analysis which is the norm. This is the only truly equitable analysis that considers the reduced buying power of a dollar over time, and therefore the only analysis that does not overcharge present owners and undercharge future owners when preparing a full funding “benchmark” analysis.

✓ Our Unparalleled Funding Model Refinement

Your NLD Consulting Reserve Fund Study will include refined funding models which will aid the condo board and owners in achieving their long term funding goals. Through mathematically elegant funding models, rather than crude and simplistic funding increases, our consultant will work with your condo board to achieve a funding solution the owners will benefit from for years to come.

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